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All a student needs to register is a valid email address. The following Table outlines the current and new course structure for senior sciences. Both parts of the Learning Standards are somewhat limited in scope so the Ministry plans to include elaborations or explanations in future drafts. Haps, dem er jeg svært glad for. They have worked with the book for a month or more now, and they like it; the student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Hvad skal du studere hvis du vil tjene masser af penge?. All curricula are designed to support the core competencies of and educated citizen: Communication; Thinking; Personal and Social Responsibility. At the same time, it could be a very exciting time in the science education community if we could start conversations around should science be taught with a focus on Enduring Understandings or Learning Standards or Cross-Curricular Competencies. I am committed to developing resources that support teacher/student customization and multi-platform accessibility that includes the use of tablets and smartphones. Chemical processes require energy change as atoms are rearranged. New Ministry Science Curriculum Coordinator About three years ago at our BC Science Institute some of you may recall in my keynote address I stated that no meaningful work on science curriculum could occur until there was a science coordinator at the Ministry. Please join me in virtually welcoming Connie Cirkony to her position. There isn’t really any ground breaking observations as most science curriculum writers in the past have figured out the difference between curricular outcomes and teaching strategies to support learning in the classroom. It appears the same cannot be said for other subject areas. my ipad and the work text This year, I have moved away from using an overhead and giving notes in class. Over the next month, meetings in many districts are occurring under the guidance of various Board staff. As you review the results, I don’t think it would a surprise to say that how we teach science is shifting. First there are the core competencies. But, it is time for our educational leaders in Districts to demand sufficient resources before passing these new policies along to the classroom teacher. And of course, Environmental Science is completely new. We are planning a professional development event with a focus on using the digital resources available in the program. Needless to say, change is afoot now, and I suspect, after the election. It will give you access to the answer keys.  Using Notability on my ipad, I open the pdf of the work text to the concept of the days lesson. I appreciate the time each of you took to provide us with a sense of the world in Science teaching throughout BC schools. The teacher quite likes the ebook and likes the online resources that are available to support the course, and we think that as the community grows so too will this resource. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with the vision of this current round of curricular change, the bottom line is that an ‘A’ will be different in every classroom in the province.

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. Energy is conserved, and its transformation can affect living things and the environment. This lack of direction will be a major challenge for Districts. It is also not clear how students currently taking Science and Technology type courses will find an appropriate course to reflect their needs. The formation of the universe can be explained by the big bang theory. More questions, more activities, more examples in a new "Edvantage" instructional format, with integrated digital support for teachers & students. There is a greater focus on technology and assessment. You can find the documents discussed below at. For those of you that did not teach with her, you may have met her at either Science World or during the Year of Science where she was the coordinator for that initiative. As promised, each textbook has a glossary, index and answer key. Towing the party line just to get the job done is no longer acceptable. I suspect in the next revision the Big Ideas will be more succinct. It was felt that reducing outcomes will give more time and flexibility to allow students to explore their interests and passions. At the same time, it’s critical to stay abreast of these developments. But, it’s not clear how timetables, and consequently funding, will allow for combinations of various courses. I hope the summer was a restorative time that allowed you to relax and have some fun as well as reflect in preparation for this upcoming school year. Additionally, we have some exciting news about upcoming professional development activities and senior biology resources. Because it is a Wiki, I encourage you to share any material you would like by posting it to the appropriate page.. Hence, their favourite material didn’t get included. Reader Interactions. This coming year I plan to do the…Continue Started by John Munro in GENERAL TOPICS. I suspect there will no new money to support these new directions. Each school will receive a customized set of pdf files indicating school and length of license. The bigger question is how to we support science teachers weave in the other aspects of the proposed curriculum when there is no interest in funding these changes. Then each of us can participate in our own way to provide the feedback necessary to make the appropriate changes that work for teacher and student. After many years and many conversations I think the time has come to start developing a new resource for this course. So, depending of where you sit on this continuum will determine your level of comfort with this particular presentation. Graduation Program Consultations Of equal note is the research phase of the graduation program. Helps kids stay organized, engaged & provides them with a "personalized" study guide to take to university as a review tool. In other contexts there were differences. These standards are broken into two parts: Curricular Competencies and Content. It was a great way to speed along some of the teaching and make better use of class time for labs and activities. Once all content is loaded, the passwords will be put into place. I am happy to report that there is now a dedicated science and environmental education coordinator for curriculum. I say to be filled because the subject committees were given the same template to work with. The files can be used in any manner for the period of the license. Supporting the Big Ideas are the Learning Standards. This is an amazing example of our science community engaging in new print and digital resources in innovative and sustainable ways.   The Curricular Competencies are similar to the process skills found in previous curricula. While I’d like to summarize some of the key findings, you can view the results of each survey at: As a methodology I reviewed the responses for each survey and pulled out key trends that the majority of folks responded to for various sections. Not having the time and funds to learn, plan and implement this new curriculum is a recipe for continuing the status quo. The potential to have engaging, thought provoking science activities woven into the daily activities of the classroom is so great we need to let people know the extra funding for such activities is critical. Finally there is a short section on Next Steps including a request to help in the review process by contacting the Ministry at [email protected] I think it would be appropriate to have a real name instead of an anonymous email address. We have been busy at Edvantage getting our new textbooks and digital resources ready for you. As a publisher of print and digital resources, my goal is to provide you with the tools to be successful as a professional and help you create an exciting learning environment for teaching science.

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. Finally a model for future curriculum development is provided along with draft prototypes. Lån 10.000. My analysis of the second document, Defining Cross-Curricular Competencies will be in the next blog update about two weeks from now. The OSG is designed to provide on-demand personalized support for students. I see this as a response to a curriculum that was implemented without sufficient support for resource development. Endda med hele to rare forårssalater. These Big Ideas “tell the story of science thorough the concepts featured”. As a side note, I would watch how reporting practice change over the next couple of years to better support these core competencies. These files will be available in early September. Thanks again for your continued support and have a great start to the school year. Print Recipe MINISTRY UPDATE - SCIENCE                  BC Senior Science Many of you will have heard of the pending curriculum changes to all BC curriculum. Integrating tablets and smartphones into the program will be a key aspect of the day. Første forårssalat jeg smider opskriften på er en grøn salat, som smager ligeså godt, som den er pæn. The second part of the document gives an overview of the different subject areas. It attempts to capture the complex nature of the classroom by providing a post-modern reflection of current educational thinking. There are so many different ways to look at this page, that everyone will be happy because they see their point of view reflected in the document. But, no one will be satisfied, because they don’t have a clue what to teach. The time is nearing and we will continue to keep you updated via this site and our newsletters as we learn more about timelines and opportunities for consultation. There is a lack of consistency in how they are written and how “Big” each statement is in terms of scope. For those of you with iPads, I encourage you to check out Explain Everything in the App Store. These changes started a several years ago with the release of the BC Ed plan. The Content is similar to current PLO except the statement are not written in an assessable format. And in the fourth bullet it is equally unclear how you build on higher order learning when you’re dealing with a novice learner to a particular big idea or enduring understanding. Modus Finans – Afdragsfrit forbrugslån for 20 årige. I am moving to a customized professional model for use of our pdf files. All others resources "sort of fit" so teachers have had to build their own material & photocopy like crazy each year. Customized pdf's for your school Many of you have asked for copies of the worktext in pdf format. At this point, it’s best to look at these Big Ideas as a work in progress. The only difference seems to me that the people writing this document were not the people who wrote the last curriculum. From the teacher perspective, the book has many extras that are needed for the accelerated students, and there will not need to do as much supplementing to do to flesh out the course. Again, thanks everyone for your support. I am very encouraged by the continued focus on developing inquiry skills in conjunction with the required knowledge required to develop a scientifically literate individual. It will also feature a digital Teacher Resource Wiki & Online Study Guide.

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. This will allow you to check in as we upload new content over the next two weeks. I have commented upon this plan in previous blog posts. Enrolment key - "bcscience" For those of you looking for a short overview of the program, I've made a Program Overview Video  that gives teachers & students the "big picture" of the four main components of the BC Science program. More information on the  Online Study Guide for students and October Pro-D day coming soon. You can find examples of this work at: Over the next couple of weeks, new material will be released and I will provide some commentary on that work rather than this preliminary work. I’m reminded of the comment it’s cheaper to pay up front with education then later with other government supports. Many will welcome the optional nature of this new curriculum and the new environmental science courses. Hope everyone has had a smooth start to the school year. Students will still need a senior science course to graduate. Consequently, it’s pretty safe to say that you won’t change anything if you don’t properly fund it. My sense is that what is likely to happen is the question will narrow down to what should go in the box labeled “Content”. Lionel has also taught Science methods and first-year Physics at University of Victoria. It is with this thought in mind that I’ll summarize the key aspects of the work to date. ALL aligned to the BC curriculum. A Moodle based learning management system will deliver videos of worked solutions, diagnostic quizzes, PowerPoint study notes and additional support material. As the Ministry of Education appears to be embarking on a new round of curriculum renewal, our flexible programs with a focus on customized digital content will be an ideal fit for the new directions on the horizon. While the reader will know I carry a bias towards making high quality resources for BC teachers and students, perhaps it’s time to convert those photocopying costs into the development of customized resources that support teachers and students. Expert problem solvers come from having a deep repertoire of background knowledge to draw upon when utilizing higher order thinking skills. I believe you know we always have had this goal as our main focus when producing resources for a new curriculum. And to some degree this is appropriate as it outlines what the learning map in each classroom must start to look like. A reasonable decision given the timelines. There will be two different login and passwords: Teacher Wiki – this will be a login and password for Teacher use only. We will do our part to support you as the classroom teacher. Lån penge lav rente. Textbook and Digital Support Update. Here are some of my initial thoughts on the work to date. In Physics a quarter of all respondents reach this level of photocopying. But, equally important is that the need for hands-on lab activities has still remained a strong focus.

It is an amazing teaching tool that we have been using this summer. While this curriculum clearly has a goal of bringing more students to science and allowing them to explore their interests I am concerned that this is being done with insufficient resources. This particular research based fact seems to counter the thought held by many “educational gurus” who feel a student can access higher order thinking skills by accessing a search engine to find information on any particular concept. A New School Year with Exciting Opportunities. For the teacher it's less time searching for new relevant ways to engage & challenge your students, plus less copying. Much of this information will be shared at our user-group Institute on Friday at David Thompson Secondary, but for those of you that can’t attend, here is a summary